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National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention month and Xquisite had the honor of joining together with influential leaders and allies bringing awareness and forming meaningful partnerships.  There is something powerful that happens when passionate people link arms for a cause greater than what could be accomplished alone.   


We chose the theme “Awareness to Action:  Nevada’s Collaborative Commitment to Fight Human Trafficking” to intentionally bring awareness to what human trafficking looks like here in Nevada and invited our guests to commit to join in the fight. 


We are grateful to Attorney General Aaron Ford; U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto; U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen; AG Chief of Staff Theresa Benitez-Thompson; AG Ombudsman for Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence Nicole Reilly; Karla Delgado, DCFS; Regan Comis, R&R Partners; Assemblywoman Angie Taylor, Ph.D; Tyson League, Carson City Supervising Deputy District Attorney; Regional Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit; a proclamation from Governor Joseph Lombardo. Local partners from Carson City Sheriff’s office, Washoe County Sheriff’s office, Division of Child and Family Services, CASA, Juvenile Probation, State Senator Lisa Krasner, and Assemblyman PK O’Neil and many other local community allies, all joining their voices to commit to making a difference in our state. 


We discovered that survivor’s greatest needs are:  

  • Emergency shelter and personal care. 

  • Long Term housing. 

  • Mental Health Counseling. 

  • Legal Services. 


And Awareness leads to action: 

  • Commit to the fight against human trafficking by partnering with legislators, service providers, law enforcement, and local organizations who are providing wrap around trauma informed care. 

  • Supporting new legislation and dedicated state funding. 


Some comments from those who attended: 


“Xquisite hosted an incredible event at the Governor's Mansion in Carson City, NV in support of Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Hearing from State leaders fighting for legal changes and support of victims and survivors, Deputy District Attorney, Local Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit and FBI. Very honored today to be surrounded by so many inspiring individuals, dedicated to bringing freedom and empowerment to survivors of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  #Caesarsagainsttrafficking #wearblue to show support for survivors of human trafficking and to raise awareness.” 


“Awaken's Chief Mission Officer, Jen Campbell and Program Director, Andrea Washington were invited to participate in National Human Trafficking Awareness Day hosted by @Xquisite. This impactful event was held at the Governor's Mansion and brought together local and national Senators, Law Enforcement and other community stakeholders to ensure that women and children in Nevada are safe. We know that we cannot combat sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation alone and we are so proud to be a part of this community that continues to fight this heinous crime.” 


“What a great event. We appreciate everything you are doing for our kids and community.” 


“Thank you for organizing this event!  I am so happy that you and your team are a part of our community! I appreciate your work and the support you give to my clients!” 


“Wonderful to see that many people in the room talking about what they can all do to make a difference!” 

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