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“Me too!”  Those words have become a movement for good.


For anyone who have suffered in a silent chasm knowing their voice could never expose what they have experienced, we say “Me too!”


“No Sister Alone” was birthed because we truly believe that God restores “beauty for ashes and joy for today!” In all that we go thru in life, our voice should never be silent to injustice, especially if we have silenced our own voice.  In light of Hollywood beginning the shout “Me too,” we believe that we should shout a louder “Me too!”  It happens everywhere…at your everyday job, in your family, at your church…yes, everywhere. And we have to lend our voice and say “Me too!” “Us too!”


The walls we have erected to protect the pain inflicted on us by those who abused their authority and trust over us don’t have to remain when we experience unconditional love and freedom. Sexual abuse and sexual harassment are not okay and should not be tolerated.  We want to lead our lives well and so we declare “Us too!” not to expose a person or incident, but to declare that we will live our lives free and not allow walls of secrecy or fear to control us any longer.  We choose to live. We choose freedom.  We choose to empower each other.


We choose to declare “Me too!” for you, and “Us too!”  for us, for our daughters and for ourselves. You are loved. You are beautiful. You have incredible potential and worth. You are not alone! Let’s rise together!

#metoo  #ustoo #nosisteralone  #notonourwatch  #diamondstrong

Thank you, brave and beautiful soul, for your courage to share your story with us. You are not alone; we stand beside you in your bravery!

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