To develop a network of community-based and system-based advocates to enable access to resources and accomplish wraparound victim services.

A message from The VAC's founder

Hello and thank you for all you do for and within our communities!

We’d like to welcome you to the unveiling of our newest initiative - The Victim Advocacy Coalition, informally referred to as “The VAC”. With a roundtable approach to spark conversation and collaboration, the vision is to bridge the gaps in access to vital resources for victims of crime.

The mission of The VAC is to develop a network of community-based and system-based advocates to enable timely access to resources and accomplish true wraparound victim services. We’re looking to partner with members of our Northern NV community who stand to make change! The impact we can have through unity of the minds will reach far and wide, thus creating momentum for transformation. We can no longer stand by watching victims endure further suffering while navigating systems founded on the rights to protection and justice.

We are so honored to be working with and alongside you all in the fight to bring justice to those who need it most! And again, thank you for the time, energy and passion you put into helping our most vulnerable community members.

Here’s to years of collaboration, connection and innovation.

Kelli Radnothy



Kelli Radnothy

These roundtable meetings will be held twice each month, the first and third Fridays of the month.

If you are interested in attending please email