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Diamonds in the Rough

When diamonds live in the rough, justice often looks messy, and freedom seems unattainable. The process of helping a diamond move from a place of being controlled, in confinement, and exploitation requires unconditional love and commitment.  It’s not a one and done encounter, it takes hours and often years to build enough trust to begin the courageous process to be free from a trafficker or abuser’s grip.  


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke 


This quote always challenges me. To do nothing is not an option and I truly believe that good can push back evil, however for me that must include my faith, partnerships with other warriors doing good, and a passion to champion the diamond to be free from the rough and expose the brilliance they have within. 


“Victims of rape, torture, human trafficking anywhere effects all of our lives everywhere.” Dr. Brook Parker Bello.  The diamonds we serve, deserve to be loved unconditionally as they navigate their difficult path away from the torture they endure daily.    


One diamond expressed to me that, “I tried! I tried to use my voice and say no. My ‘no’ fueled his rage and he laughed at my attempt to have my voice heard. And the torture continued.” This is a very real occurrence for some.  It’s not a simple journey to leave evil and that is where our passion and commitment becomes fueled to empower a diamond to say we do hear you! We believe you!  


Romans 12:9 NLT says, “Don’t pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.” We hold tightly to the diamonds we serve, and we love them. 


Recently, we worked with a young woman who began to realize that she indeed has been trafficked.  When that realization happens, it’s a sobering experience and the path between fighting for justice and the careful moments of love and acceptance must be held with gentle compassion.  Fighting for justice must be a determined journey and often feels painful for the advocate who walks with the diamond, but doing nothing might permit evil to triumph.  


We also had the privilege over the last few days, of joining law enforcement partners in our community when alleged human traffickers brought 5 women into our city. We were invited to be on the team that interviewed and cared for the 5 women providing them resources and care. When community partners come together on behalf of survivors of incidents like this, it shows the power of what we can do together.  Resources extend farther. Survivors receive personal care.  It takes many intentional efforts to build the bridge within the community and to trust one another as agencies that come together for a common cause.  Our Sheriff commented, “This is what we need and when we work together, we will give the message to bad characters, that we won’t tolerate this in our community.  All of us working together will make a difference. Xquisite, thank you for being here, it is very appreciated.”   


Fighting for justice has many facets, just like the facets that we provide as resources for a diamond we serve. Justice looks like working alongside our law enforcement partners, and when needed making the tough call that just might save a life.  Justice looks like joining fellow agencies and supporting our mutual survivors. It looks like continuing to champion the one that tries to say “No!” and is faced with an evil laugh and continued torture.  Justice is love in action. Xquisite endeavors to let our diamond survivors know that we will fight for their justice and as we do our best, that the triumph of evil will not prevail on our watch  

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