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The Power of One

It is very easy for us to be moved by something we see or hear that tug at our heart strings.  We can watch documentaries about what happens to children and people and realize that beyond our personal bubble horrific experiences happen every minute. We can think someone should help and feel good about ourselves by giving $25 to a charity but the reality is there is someone who needs you to see them in your personal sphere of influence and be the one. 


Reports tell us that an estimated 27.6 million people are subjected to human trafficking globally, including cases of human trafficking reported in every state and territory across the United States. The State of Nevada is dedicated to ensuring anyone impacted by human trafficking can receive person-centered, trauma-informed care and our Attorney General has made this his highest priority. That number 27.6 million people seems insurmountable to even be able to make a difference, but if you break it down to one person being reached it’s possible by building individual, community, and societal understanding and resilience, and reducing social inequities.  


Consider that not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something. 


Xquisite has a mission to see the one. We are dedicated to bringing freedom and empowerment to survivors of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence to live healthy, flourishing lives. Our advocates excel on seeing the one right where they are.  We work hard to breaking down the enormous number of 27.6 million people globally, to a state that is committed to prioritize awareness and prevention of human trafficking, to a community like Xquisite, myself and our advocates who are trauma-informed to care for the one is creating, gives us all the opportunity to do something!


In Mark 8:2 Jesus saw the one and did something tangible to meet their need.  This verse begins by Jesus saying, “I have compassion for these people” and from a large crowd He met each person individually by giving them something to eat. Do we have compassion? Amid our daily lives do we see a crowd, or do we see the one? Is it possible to see beyond the faceless crowd to see the one that desperately needs to be seen? 


Focusing on the crowd is an easy way to think about yourself and use it as an excuse to feel like you can’t do anything. How we treat people, in our everyday life is how we will see them. Kindness and compassion in our approach to treating others sets us apart. 


We get to choose how we see people. Seeing the one gives them the opportunity to receive compassion and it very well could change their life. In the blur of the crowd and our busyness, there is someone right in front of you that you can make a difference by seeing them. 


It is indeed an honor and pleasure for me to see the one, take the time to stop and listen to what they are not verbally saying and to believe their story.  The “ones” that I get to do life with are incredibly kind and compassionate in the middle of some very horrific day to day experiences. They truly know and value the power of one. The “ones” I am privileged to walk daily with are the first to help another “one.” These “ones” give because they know what it means to be seen, heard, and believed. One of our “ones” told me “I wish someone was there for me then, thank you for being here for me now.” 


So, beyond the crowd, there is one that you can see and make it possible to change the trajectory of their life by recognizing them with compassion.  In some cases, seeing them and loving them where they are just might literally save their life.  Breaking down the enormous number of 27.6 globally, to a state that is committed to prioritize awareness and prevention of human trafficking, to a community that Xquisite, myself and our advocates that are trauma-informed to care for the one is creating, gives us all the opportunity to do something! 


The power of one truly is loving someone right where they are, seeing them without judgement and believing their story.  Everyone can love someone. Xquisite’s advocates are trauma-informed, have hearts to love the one and are ready to serve. The power of one is the power afforded to each of us as we see a face in the crowd. The power of one is realized when we look beyond what seems insurmountable to what we can do as a community. The power of one is linking arms with Xquisite. The power of one is you! 

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