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Every Story Empowers a Movement

Brenda is the founder and executive director for Xquisite, a nonprofit, established in 2012, specifically designed to walk alongside victims of human trafficking, sexual assault, and intimate terrorism (domestic violence) to bring them from a place of exploitation, not only surviving but to thrive in their next steps for a life free from what has held them captive.  She is passionate about leading a movement of strong women who have become empowered to have their voices heard and to shatter secrets they have had to live under, exposing their truth to become Diamond Strong. 


Brenda has worked to empower women for over 30 years helping them to realize that no matter what life has presented them, their value remains strong.  Brenda has expanded Xquisite’s reach to establish the Diamond Strong Freedom Center, a center dedicated to bringing freedom and empowerment for sexually exploited women and survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault, and intimate terrorism to live healthy, flourishing lives.  The Diamond Strong Freedom Center is ready to serve with many services that are free, confidential, non-judgmental with no strings attached, which will bring hope, courage, and a voice for victims. 


It is Brenda’s passion to champion the diamonds served at Xquisite, to realize their dreams.

​We are united by our story and every story is unique.

At any given moment, a story defines us positively or negatively. A diamond is still a diamond with incredible potential and value, even as it's buried in the ground. Our story often includes being buried under negative choices or influences which may have become so heavy we can't see a way out. Our story may have been derailed by someone else abusing their trust and authority we thought was safe. The good news is every mountain of ash can be turned into beauty when we believe in each other's story and the potential it has to change our legacy and to impact the world.

Our stories together empower the movement. The movement says your story matters and it needs to be filled with hope and courage as you empower your voice.

Silence is no longer an option. We believe in championing these stories and we will join our voices to empower all stories.

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