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in Every Facet


in Every Facet

           in Every Facet

Every story is unique and empowers a movement.

Just as a diamond is cut and polished to reveal its inherent brilliance, survivors, too, possess an inner strength and resilience that can be revealed when we place value, honor, and belief upon them. To us, survivors are diamonds.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing freedom and empowerment to survivors of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and intimate terrorism to live healthy, flourishing lives.

Restoring Hope, Reviving Courage, Empowering Voices

Xquisite provides around the clock services through our Diamond Strong Freedom Center located in the heart of Nevada's Capital City. All services are at no cost to our diamonds. Services are always confidential, and with no strings attached.

Emergency Hotline

A trained advocate is available 24/7, at any hour, on our Emergency Hotline.

Call or Text: (775) 434-7255


Trained and trauma informed advocates are here to learn our diamonds stories, hear them, and walk alongside them as they create their new, flourishing life.

A Network of Resources

Xquisite has a network of resources to ensure diamonds needs are met and they have support in every facet of their healing journey.

Become a Diamond Strong Giver

With your support we can empower our diamonds and reach those that are still buried beneath the darkness of exploitation or intimate terrorism.

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