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Broken Turning Beautiful

Broken Turning Beautiful is a coaching workshop that incorporates an old Japanese technique that mends broken pottery.  We use this method as a metaphor for learning how to put the pieces of our lives, hearts or relationships back together after being shattered by the hard knocks of life.  God’s word says that “when the trials come we must count it all joy.”  While this may be true, it is easier said than done.  When our hearts are broken or tragedy strikes we are sometimes left broken and shattered, feeling helpless and hopeless.  


Broken Turning Beautiful is designed to be a tangible experience as we begin to pick up our broken pieces and learn how to put them back together, and in the process of doing the mending, we find that we are more beautiful, stronger and priceless for the breaking, than we ever could have imagined.

Reflection Through Broken Glass
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